Behrad Tehrani

Student, ELTE Budapest
Budapest, Hungary

About Behrad


An Iranian Researcher, Mixed martial artist & a Psychedelic adventurer Who's always looking for rules to bend, lines to cross and limits to push.

I could never live the way you do, and I won't.
(There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line)


English, Hungarian, Persian

Areas of Expertise

Designing, Site development, Researching , translating, Discussion Leader, jurnaliste, creating ideas, Speech and Language

I'm passionate about

Psychedelic Adventures, Science, Music, Movies & Books, Sex, Fire & Nature!!

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Behrad Tehrani
Posted over 2 years ago
Ronny Edry: Israel and Iran: A love story?
Very Inspiring & Beautiful, Thank you so much for spreading the word of Love & Peace. We all have to do this, people just need to communicate with each other to get know each other better, don't rely on media. they don't tell the truth. we just need to talk to each other, and eventually we will realize that WE ALL ARE THE SAME , from the same root. Peace & Love Forever : ) It was one of the most inspiring talk that i have ever seen. thank you