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I was born in Greece in 1980 and grew up there.
I have achieved a few moments of pure happiness and i will welcome any more that might occur.I particularly like food and music but they are both getting harder and harder to find.
I believe that this planet can achieve a peaceful equilibrium without any violence included and i am working towards this.
I abominate and despise money since i consider it proven that is the main reason for all our problems.However:
At the moment i work as a musician and try to become a farmer


English, Greek

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the group of incidents called "music"

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hiding what i am good at

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I found TED by googling "Daniel Gilbert" after i read his book "Stumbling on Happiness" on 2008

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Andreas Agouridis
Posted about 2 years ago
T. Boone Pickens: Let's transform energy -- with natural gas
If i wanted to develop any feelings about this talk i would first need to check on the talkers energy footprint.I would see how many cc is his cars engine and other relative data to find how much energy has he consumed in his life.Also how much energy he consumed at the time of the talk(now).And all that to check the amount of reality in his first phrase "am a believer! am a believer in global warming, and my record is good on the subject" Thank You
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Andreas Agouridis
Posted over 2 years ago
Daniel Goldstein: The battle between your present and future self
This whole monetary mentality will hopefully end up in the museums. There was (and will be) a time where people covered most of their needs without them. In my country Greece there are people that worked for a lifetime and see now their pensions cut in half!!! due to the IMF and the ECB orders . At the same time millions of orange, lemon and olive fruits rotten in the ground because everyone is too busy to collect them ,as they struggle to collect money either to pay their loans or to buy food! I could describe hundreds of paradoxes on our modern monetary mentality lifestyle but we only need imagination to figure them out.Thus I strongly believe that any long term plan that includes those pieces of paper with the signature of a bank golden boy on them witch repeatedly over the last century have lost their value, is pointless. I suggest to Mr Daniel to read the Odyssey and find the answers to his worries on this Masterpiece of global literature. He might then understand that the real commodities of life are for free, and can't be sold bought or stolen. Of course this is for the moment impossible as we live in the monetary and not the Homer season, but sooner or later its going to be over.Homers' mentality is more than 4000 years old while the PAPER MONEY mentality is a few hundred years old. As for the coin, The ancient Greek word for coin is "nomizma" witch comes from the word "Nomizo" witch means "i am under the impression of" . When we stop confusing the virtual with the actual wealth, the present with the promised (from money) wealth, money, and monetary based ideas will take their proper place in the museums