Matthew Putman

Scientist/Physicist, Columbia University
Brooklyn, NY, United States

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Matthew Putman is an independent musician, scientist, producer and author currently living in Paris France with his wife Marine and daughter Juliette. He is a Researcher and Professor at Columbia University and the Ecole Des Mines. As a musician he has received acclaim from Downbeat magazine and All About Jazz for his first album “Perennial” which was released in August 2008, and the quintet called "The Gowanus Recordings.". Matthew is an inventor who holds patents in several areas including a new microscope with extremely high resolution. He has co-authored technical papers, and received the American Chemical Society Best Paper Award. He was an owner of the technology company Tech Pro, and now works as a senior consultant for Dynisco, who purchased Tech Pro in March 2008. Matthew is also the founder of a new high resolution microscope company called Nanotronics Imaging. Matthew is a published poet, and is publishing his first book of poetry in late 2009. He is also co-authoring a Physics text book in the field of Rheology.
Matthew was a producer of the off-Broadway play “Perdita”, by Pierre-Marc Diennet, with his wife Marine which played at the Lion Theatre on Theatre Row. Perdita will be touring this fall. Matthew and Marine have also worked together as Associate Producers of the award winning film “Definition of Insanity”
Matthew is an Executive Board Member of The Montauk Observatory. He is also an advisor to the Imagine Science Films and The Cure is now and a mentor for Thiel 20 under 20.


English, French

Areas of Expertise

Physics, Musical Composition, Theatre

An idea worth spreading

So many of the remaining issues in the world, including global warming and general pollution, have solutions that are in the labs of scientists around the world. There needs to be creative bridges built between science, politics and business to get these out of the lab and into use. Artists of all kinds need to know that we are in an excited age of innovation, not just in computing. I work in material science, and it is not very well known that most issues being discussed politically are ignoring some major innovation that has taken place. These include new nanomaterials, capable of more powerful solar cells, highly engineered composite materials that make space travel more efficient, and microscopes which will put the power of exploration of the nano world in the hands of everyone.

I'm passionate about

Improvisational music. Opera. Physics. science and art education. Contemporary art. Exploration. Literature. Boxing. my wife and daughter.

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Jazz, microscopes, films, travel, existentialism, physics, bridges between Philosphy -art-science

My TED story

I gave 2 tedx talks in East Hampton the same conference. Come rely different topics. Here is one on medical imaging for regenerative medicine

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