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Isabel Lopez
Posted about 4 years ago
Eric Mead: The magic of the placebo
This is a very instructive talk; the trick in itself, or its mechanism, is not that important. I believed it. And my perceptions were challenged. Nothing is as it seems to be, and Eric Mead wanted to point that out. We should be able to apply the same amount of skepticism to everything in our lives... or the same amount of credulity. For the effects are worth the little twist in our minds. As are the placebos.
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Isabel Lopez
Posted over 4 years ago
Blaise Ag├╝era y Arcas: Augmented-reality maps
I'm sure this has already been said by cleverer brains than mine but I'm in awe. Microsoft has sure managed to design an astonishing device to rediscover our planet, our countries, our cities, and so on. But is it just concerning cities, and roads, or the sky, or do you think we'll be able, in the end, to enter monuments, houses and so on? It can frightening, the "deep way" the map can acquire thanks to this technology. So yes, it is cool, no doubt on that, but it can fast become a dangerous weapon. But again, I'm sure this has already been said. Now, I've tried to use this mapping system that seems to be available through the Bing searcher. And well, it told me my navigator was not the proper one to use the 3D. I'm running on Chrome... so what Microsoft? Does that mean that such a brilliant technology is reserved to those who use Internet Explorer? Does that mean that Microsoft is once again establishing a monopole on the new reality-augmented maps that we are all about to use?