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My TED story

I don't remember the first talk I saw, but TED talks are really addictive!
And later I become translator, hmm, in the beginning of September-2009.
I hope some of my schoolmates will watch those, or any other, talks and world will become wiser and better.
Thank you, TED!

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Andrej Andreev
Posted almost 6 years ago
Hans Rosling: Let my dataset change your mindset
I am translating this video into russian and would like to reveal some "unclearnesses" in the speech (as it transcripted in subtitles). The first is at the time 08:39 Hans joke there about "stopping at the door of Lehman Brothers", who collapsed last year. Second is at the time 18:23, where he talks about diamonds, got to market "from UNITA dominated area in Angola". Dear transcripters and translators, you are doing great and very important job. So, please, do your best to get exact meaning and sense. Thank you all very much.