About Gautam


I started out as a lawyer with a focus on Intellectual Property Laws. Post that, I have been an entrepreneur in the food industry, an agriculturalist of sorts, worked as a small wheel in the cogs of a large company and now work in the non-profit field within the folds of education and publishing.

During this time, I have also been fortunate to advise a few small startups in the legal, food and social entrepreneurship space.

TED Conferences

TED Fellows Retreat 2013, TEDIndia 2009

Areas of Expertise

New things, Entrepreneurship and Startup Management, Copyright, Food Processing, non-profits , Social Media, technology, Law

An idea worth spreading

Imagine a world where every child was in school and learning well. Imagine a world where there is a book in every child's hand. Imagine a world where information is free.

I'm passionate about

Education, Equality and Equity. I focus on 'access' as a way to achieve these.

Talk to me about

Anything to do with access be it to rights such as education or information or spaces. Food! Whether it be places to eat or things to cook. Open source projects and the philosophy behind it.

People don't know I'm good at

I'm not very good at many things but I can cook. Rather well, if I say so myself.

Favorite talks

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