About Tomas


I'm a small town native that was born and raised in Arizona. I grew up in the beautiful San Pedro River Valley and grew to love the desert and mountains -- everyone should at least once in their life have the opportunity to smell the earth fresh after a monsoon. After graduating from ASU in 2001, I permanently moved to the Phoenix burbs (Chandler, AZ) and have worked at Intel, redPear, and am currently working as an Engineer at Humana RightSourceRx. I was the organizer and curator of TEDxPhoenix 2009, and have since organized TEDxTempe 2010 and TEDxPhoenix 2010. My love for TED and TEDx now has me helping TEDx Licensees as a TEDx Community Ambassador. My dream is to one day help make Arizona known for something other than illegal immigration and nutty sheriffs, governors, and senators.


English, Spanish

TED Conferences

TEDActive 2014, TEDActive 2011, TEDActive 2010

Areas of Expertise

TEDx Community Ambassador, Smiling and Laughing, Building Community, Herding Cats, Pajama Party Organizer, Sleeping, Volunteering & Tutoring

An idea worth spreading

I have yet to figure out my own idea worth spreading, so stay tuned...

I'm passionate about

I'm passionate about helping out the great inhabitants of Arizona's local communities. I'm also passionate about volunteering.

Talk to me about

Talk to me about life -- living it, loving it, taking it all in...

People don't know I'm good at

People don't know that I'm an expert procrastinator and a keyboard shortcut ninja!

My TED story

December 4th, 2006 marked the first time I watched a TEDTalk online - it was Tony Robbin's talk at TED 2006. Since then, I've become a TEDster (TEDActive 2010, TEDActive 2011) and TEDxer (organized TEDxPhoenix 2009, 2010 + TEDxTempe 2010 and attended TEDxEast and TEDxPHXDC). There have been many "aha" moments throughout the years but I definitely have to say that Benjamin Zander and Dave Eggers' TEDTalks from 2008 are two of the most incredible talks I've watched so far. Since my introduction to the TED family, I've met some amazing individuals from all corners of the globe who never cease to fascinate and inspire me. If you're planning on being at TEDActive, come up and say hello. ;)

Favorite talks