Viorel Mocanu

Web Experience Designer, Romanian Design Association
Bucuresti, Romania

About Viorel


I'm an Experience Designer. Some of you don't know what that is, but it's simpler than it sounds.

I architect, design and build experiences. Not applications, not websites, not landing pages... experiences. That's because my clients have something to share, to give to the world, and the only real, noticeable way to do that is by creating an experience.

I've matured alongside the Internet itself. I've passed through most of the stages a passionate young man in that position can bring himself up to. I've programmed, administered databases, created and maintained marketing campaigns, designed and so on, and I learned exactly what I'm best at by this hands-on approach.

I also learned that everything that happens online can be summed up to a single powerful word: communication. And I've become an expert in helping people communicate, by specializing in three areas:

» Information Architecture — analyzing user needs and behaviors, developing organization systems, labeling systems, navigation systems, search systems, thesauri and wireframes.

» Web Design — documenting trends and best practices, designing attractive mechanisms, pages and whole application systems, with an emphasis on user needs, fluidity, impact and result-driven design for ROI.

» Interaction Development — developing HTML document structure, CSS styles and JS interactions, bearing in mind the international standards for code validity, usability and accessibility.

Those disciplines, combined with experience, innate creativity and a strive for perfection, make me an Experience Designer.

Aesthetically, I love typography applied to design and photography as means of expression. I also love interacting with intelligent people, good books and music.

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English, French, German, Romanian

Areas of Expertise

Information Architecture, Web Marketing, Web Development and Design , User Experience Design, Branding & Corporate Identity, interaction design

I'm passionate about

» photography
» typography
» editorial design
» interface design
» user experience
» minimalistic style
» usability & accessibility
» information architecture
» rock&roll

My TED story

I'm simply in love with TED Talks and other TED initiatives. I've watched over 80 or 90 percent of the talks, some of them multiple times, and I continue to dedicate this website some hours every week. I consider them the best and most (positively) addictive hours I spend watching online media. I invest those hours with immense pleasure, to find out the greatest ideas in the world today.

Favorite talks