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Mark Mulholland
Posted almost 3 years ago
Wayne McGregor: A choreographer's creative process in real time
Solutions to problems are a byproduct the thinking process of our brains. We have a left and right side of our brains. Each side is responsible for a different way of thinking. The left side is analytical, detail oriented, used for math, verbal language and music. The right side is creative and holistic, responsible for intuition and pattern recognition. Our thinking is usually dominated by one side of the brain or the other. Ideally, you want to use both sides for optimal thinking. McGregor is challenging how we think creatively. Like a cognitive scientist he is studying how the brain works. By studying how the brain works in dance he is developing tools to increase our ability to development new ideas and thus improve creative process of the brain. To McGregor dance gives him a voice and the ability to express ideas using the technology of the body. In this TEDTalk McGregor is demonstrating 3 types of physical thinking. When you first watch this video the quick movements don’t make a lot of sense because they are speaking a different language. Like listening to a foreign language it won’t make sense until you understand the meaning of the words or in this case learn to take, grasp, use and think with the movements. Like verbal language, dance has a vocabulary that you can transfer to someone else. You can see this communication when McGregor shares a movement with the dancers and they quickly pick it up and play it back. McGregor is further interested in how the dancers take his instructions and create architectural shapes and then finally how they take his mental picture and decode it into physical movements. As I mentioned, dance is controlled by the right side of our brains. By learning to dance we can develop the right side of our brain and thus improve our problem solving ability. This applies to any topic whether it is stem cell research, philosophy or art.
Mark Mulholland
Posted over 4 years ago
should we rethink about medical science funding?
I think we spend too much of our resources on finding cures for diseases which are preventable with proper nutrition. We already have the tools and knowledge for better health. More of our resources should be spent on prevention. See Dr. Jason Lee N.D. speaking on this issue at TEDxOakville