George Bozas

Athens, Greece

About George



University of Huddersfield (UK), Aegean College (Athens, Greece)
Bachelor of Science in Computing
Specialization in Networking and Communication
Lyceum of Skiathos, Greece
June 2002 High School Diploma

Greek Special Forces- 2nd Paratrooper Squadron -Greece
One year military service- Rank: Private / Ranger- Paratrooper
Assistant Networking Administrator at Aegean College (Athens, Greece) (training)

My TED story

When recently introduced to TED, I was immediately impressed with what I found to be a website with limitless potential for the distribution of knowledge. People from all fields, sharing information and ideas to everyone, on a global level. So much knowledge to be spread around in video clips, that may be small in duration, yet are thorough and easy to comprehend. Being fluently bilingual in Greek and English, I decided to have a go at translating some of the videos. Though my academic background is in Information Technology, translating has always been a passion of mine. So if my translations can broaden the audience for some interesting TED videos and at the same time sharpen my translating skills, then everybody wins.