Luciana Pavez-Phillips

Co-Owner/Founder, Corporaci
Heredia, Costa Rica

About Luciana



• Ten years proofreading, six years translating, three years interpreting experience all mean strong attention to detail, keen eye, and ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
• Six years teaching English in a business environment, elaborating tailor made courses from authentic material, fostered my creativity and flexibility.
• Early schooling at fully bilingual institutions (AMERICAN School in Honduras, PAN-AMERICAN School in Costa Rica) guarantees high level of English proficiency.
• Excellent academic performance (honors graduate in all University degrees) proves in-depth knowledge of language, enthusiasm for learning and a commitment to challenge myself.


• Articles for the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC
• Appointed Official Translator and Interpreter for English-Spanish-English by the Costa Rican Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto (December, 2007)
• Through RGF TRADUCCIONES, I have translated documents for: computing and design books from the FOR DUMMIES series (Wiley Publishing); INTEL CORPORATION’s Teach to the Future educational program and Web site; legal documents for HOLLAND & HART; magazine articles and documents on real estate and law for Chicago Title, among others. Simultaneous interpretation at events for ELI LILLY, CTT, CEFÉMINA, among others.
• Through ESP (ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES), translated financial documents and training material for BAC and SCOTIABANK. Simultaneous interpretation for BAC and SCOTIABANK.
• For WORLD VISION, translation of internal documents and guidelines for emergency relief management and other administrative documents; interpreting at international meetings.
• As co-owner of CORPORACIÓN VICTORIANA, translation of executive summaries for SEDER; case studies for INCAE; articles for ICTSD Bridges magazine; tenders and technical documents for MAN Diesel; medical and legal interpretation for SOLUCIONES IDIOMÁTICAS.
• With LANGUAGE LINE SERVICES, consecutive, over-the-phone interpretation dealing with social, financial and medical issues for a number of companies.
• Dealing with technical documents (legal, financial and computer-related) has pushed me to learn specialized language and keep up to date on language use. Creating my own glossaries and buying new dictionaries helps me increase my vocabulary and decrease the time I take on a translation. Working as an interpreter has also made me become more accurate and aware of clients’ needs.

• Articles for the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC
• Extensive experience as self-employed proofreader, reviewing thesis papers; proofreading for the UNED University and executive summaries for SEDER.
• With RGF TRADUCCIONES, I edit and proofread other translators’ work regularly; copy editing for magazine articles on real estate and law for Chicago Title; proofreading material for the Banco Nacional and Parque Nacional de Diversiones.
• With ESP, proofreading and editing marketing material for BAC.
• For WORLD VISION, proofreading other translation, style correction on internal documents and policies, among others.
• University training and hands-on practice helped me prepare for a professional future as proofreader.

• Planning classes using authentic material relevant to each field. Researching and sorting through information to find pertinent material in order to prepare vocabulary, grammar and speaking activities based on specific student needs.
• Helping develop and improve written and oral evaluation scales, specifically suited to ESP training and teaching.

2009 Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UN)
Editor, translator
2007-pres. World Vision
Translator, Proofreader, Interpreter
2005-pres. Corporación Victoriana
Co-owner, Translator, Proofreader, Editor, Interpreter
2003-pres. RGF Traducciones
Translator, Proofreader, Editor, Interpreter
2000-pres. ESP (English for Specific Purposes), Asesoría y Capacitación en Idiomas
Translator, Proofreader, Editor, Interpreter
2006-2007 Language Line Services
2000-2006 ESP (English for Specific Purposes), Asesoría y Capacitación en Idiomas
Occupational English Trainer
1999-pres. Self-employed
Proofreader, Translator, Interpreter
1999-2002 Universidad de Costa Rica
Assistant to Spanish Literature I & II and the Linguistics Department
1998-1999 Center for Occupational-Vocational Counseling, UCR
Proofreader, UCR Community Service

Master of Arts in Translation at the UNIVERSIDAD NA

Areas of Expertise

Translation and Interpretation, editing and proofreading, Linguistics, NGOs, Finance, Contracts & Agreements, International Trade and Relations, tourism & travel, Literature, Literary Theory

I'm passionate about

animals, animal rights, women's rights, birth control, dance, linguistics, literature