Luis Armando Mercado

Quality Assurance Engineer, Amazon Inc
Seattle, WA, United States

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I am really bad at talking about myself, so your best bet is to ask me. I encourage lateral thinking and like to be among people that change things rather than conform.

Areas of Expertise

IT, Languages, Web Technologies, Life

An idea worth spreading

Any idea may be worth spreading, I think the best thing to do with ideas is share them because they spark the creativity of other people and make things happen.

I'm passionate about

learning, teaching, technology, startups, and taking ideas to reality, I want to drive, encourage and make change happen!

Talk to me about

Anything!! I love to learn =)

People don't know I'm good at

good question, I'll get back to you on this one :P

My TED story

I enjoy quite a lot this talks, I hope I can attend to them sometime. I want to make a TEDx event at my locality so I can help more people get to know this.

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Luis Armando Mercado
Posted over 3 years ago
Test Schools, Not Children
I agree with you, I think school's tests are flawed in the sense that you could, as a student, just memorize enough to get you through the courses without actually getting enough "ah-ha!" moments and having information stay in your heads. I think an interesting way to change this would be through asking the teachers themselves to change the ways they give classes, perhaps instead of meaningless quizzes and tests maybe give some "exp points"? or something like it which would encourage students to always strive for more