About Isabelle


I am journalist based in Paris, France, and just come back from a 15-month adventure in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

My career goal is to remain in a creative and leading role while exploring all sorts of media. My passion is first for writing and storytelling, while I also have an interest in film, photography, technology and the online world (blogging, social networks and all ‘geek’ activities). My favorite writing topics include the environment, development and human rights, foreign affairs and traveling.

In Paris, I work at the newspaper Le Figaro as project editor for a weekly section in collaboration with The New York Times. I am also night editor on the foreign desk. I moved to Cambodia shortly after graduation to work as a reporter for an English-language national daily newspaper. There, I covered among other things the border dispute between Cambodia and Thailand, the Khmer Rouge international tribunal and impunity surrounding sex crimes against children. My articles on this latter topic inspired the next documentary film by Sundance award-winning director Kim Dong-won, on which I worked as an assistant producer. During my three years of study in Missouri, I worked as a local journalist, covering the religion beat, elections, breaking news and other things. I also had the privilege of reporting on the recovery of the city of New Orleans a year after hurricane Katrina. I was managing editor on a bilingual monthly magazine and assistant city editor on a community daily, as well.

I come from all over, mostly Epinal, but also Dijon, Alençon, Lille and Fort-de-France for France; Montclair (NJ), Columbia (MO) and Santa Cruz (CA) in the States; and most recently, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


English, French, German

Areas of Expertise

Journalism, Southeast Asia, Environment , Development Issues/Projects, International Affairs

An idea worth spreading

Everyone (and I mean everyone) should have the experience as a teenager of living abroad for a year. I recommend developing countries, but if not practical, another developed country will do, too. (See the way it's proposed in the movie Lions for Lambs, it's actually a brilliant idea.) It broadens one's mind as no other (happy) life experience can.

I'm passionate about

Writing, the environment, travel, ideas, my family, youth exchange programs

Talk to me about

Anything I'm interested in and anything I have not yet come to be

People don't know I'm good at

Learning stuff.

My TED story

I'm exactly the same age as TED. I've never been to a conference, but my brother discovered the videos online, got addicted to them, and in turn converted me.

Favorite talks