Ed Dodds

Collaboration Strategist, Conmergence
Nashville, TN, United States

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Collaboration Strategist, Web Developer, Writer
Nashville, TN
1/1992 - Present

Perform blogging, content management, editing, fundraising, market research, publication, portal and web development, writing, and infrastructure development (Microsoft and open source technologies) and social media strategy for a variety of nonprofit organizations and small businesses.

Consultations have included the Association for the Development of Religious Information Systems, Belmont University, Bransford Youth Center, Bright House, Comcast, Connected Tennessee, CultureRX, Curriki, Deloitte Digital, Eclipse.org, Engel Management, Epsilon Securities, Fundane, General Services Administration, Gingrinch Group, Global Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A. (GLOSAS/USA), Health Talents International, Humphreys County Museum, Indiana Dental Association, Infravio, the Innovation Network, KenRadio, League of Women Voters (Nashville), Lockheed Martin, MasseyBurch, the Medical Banking Project, Mission Alive, Mission Resource Network, Nashville Humane Association, National Alliance for Health Information Technology, National Governors Association, Nashville Technology Council, National Urban League, Navigant Consulting, the Open Group, Open Health Tools, Oxlo, Public Policy Management Group, Pulver, Raining Data, SUN, Tennessee Family Support Alliance, Transformation and Innovation, United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee, Venture Capital and Private Equity for Africa, Vonage, Woodmont Hills Family of God Mission Committee, the World Convention of Churches of Christ, and Xaffire.



Areas of Expertise

Collaboration , Communications, convergence

An idea worth spreading

health-wealth portals

I'm passionate about

Hope; Compassion; Excellence

Talk to me about

Jesus; folks with disabilities; collaboratories; open source; Campbell-Stone family of churches

People don't know I'm good at

connection nearly anyone with a IP-based presence

My TED story

It all began in a small farming village 2 miles east of Minneapolis.

Comments & conversations

Ed Dodds
Posted over 3 years ago
Unify universities into networks that take advantage of each other's expertise.
RE: gate to sort people - functionally this is done by credentialing some, rejecting others. What we truly need as a corollary to your idea, Stacey, is an open credentialing system. Every degree needs to be standardized, and what it takes to acquire must be testable (a la CLEP). Perhaps the US Department of Education could underwrite such a project.