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David Waldron
Posted about 1 year ago
How does video conferencing impact human interaction? What are the psychological impacts and factors?
From recent personal experience I believe that it can be a very good replacement once a person has enough experience using it. My point being that an occasional user will likely be more self conscious and not as likely to 'get into' and relax to the point of it feeling natural. Much like our early experiences venturing into public. The other part I believe must be addressed for video to work well is the environment. I use desktop video applications but, i have taken a bit of time to work out good camera and monitor placement as well as adjust the lighting and decluttered the back ground so, it all looks and works to feel more natural. I place the video window at eye level with the camera directly above. These last couple items while not difficult or, expensive really have enhanced the feeling and made the experience more natural. A few of the folks I regularly speak with have done the same thing and also find it has enhanced the experience for them as well.