William Martinez

R&D Manager, Avantica Technologies
Alajuela, Costa Rica

About William


From Costa Rica, he is an architect from Avantica Technologies, and also the Research and Development director.

He also teaches at the University of Costa Rica (the major state university), and had developed some curricula for some other university careers

He have been in the IT field at hard work for more that 17 years, although wrote his first program back in 1986.

Located in Costa Rica, he founded the ACM Sistemas company 14 years ago, a development and consulting company. They are in the process of releasing a new development methodology that takes another kind look at the product creation.

Also, He co-founded the Costa Rican Computing Academy (Academia Costarricense de ComputaciĆ³n), dedicated to the computing education.

He has published some manuals and guides for the universities, and the book "Planning and Evaluation of IT projects" as the text book for one of the courses.

In the non-professional side, he likes to be a story teller, writing short stories and composing music.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Information Technology, Systems Design/Architecture, Musical Composition, Story Teller, Short story writing

An idea worth spreading

Every human has good inside, and has a reason for each wrong action. We all laugh, we all cry, there should be a way to communicate, universal, primitive, that will allow us understand the reasons, and create a way to eliminate that reason to avoid wrong actions.

I'm passionate about

The inner good at each of us.

Talk to me about

the message in music, short stories, sights, tears. Also computers.

People don't know I'm good at