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Kurt Chen
Posted almost 6 years ago
Rick Warren: A life of purpose
First of all, if we are to talk about God's plan, we need to agree on the assumption there is a God, and if there is a God, as an entity, then there is a difference between our point of views. Our view of the world is very limited, limited by time, limited by the limitation of logic, limited by our emotions and many more. Our given freewill is really a very limited freewill. I guess we can all agree on we live in 3-dimensional world, there is at least one other dimension we know of we cannot travel in, time, it linear for us. But lets say if the God in the bible exist, these dimension and limit doesn't apply to Him and therefore we need to consider his point of view is very different from humans. Try to imagine if you are a 2-dimensional person lives in a 2-dimensional world. as thickness passes you by you learn about what it is like to be 3-dimensional, I think there will still be a difference between being a 3 dimensional you. become better people by experiencing evil is very partial