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Entrepreneur, Blogger and thinker about society. Past Information Technology consultant for Southern Technologies, Edoxx Technical Services Inc & ACOSET. Founder of SeeD Software, first CEO and past New Business Manager. Loves software projects, robotic and Government and private financial systems with a focus in Venture Capital, Mortgage & financial systems, member of IEEE,(Control Systems Society & Computer Society, official translator in Universidad Distrital), Alumni of AIESEC( Market researcher, Vice President of External Relations and mentor), FundaciĆ³n Social Molano (Social Entrepreneurships project manager & member of strategy team), FundaciĆ³n Yo Creo en Colombia (speaker), and give coach to projects developed in Parquesoft & Tecnoparque.
I worked at CISV COLOMBIA in developing some projects
Also i do some voluntary work for ATLAS CORPS SERVICES & ASHOKA.

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Social Media Strategy, Storytelling, Motivating and Inspiring, Research - Education, Public Policy - Analysis and Evaluation, Training, Human Resources, Teaching, Google AdWords, Innovation & Business Development

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Posted over 1 year ago
Andrew McAfee: Are droids taking our jobs?
Yes, maybe the loans are getting higher... But, come on, you could not deny the reality that the price of cars has reduced in the past 100 years, and is still reducing, THe same goes for the food, at the beginning a small percentage of the population could access to the food supply but now more people are doing it. http://www.arkansastinlizzies.com/FirstLevel/TechTipsAndProjects/TechTips/Tech%20Tip%20What's%20A%20Model%20T%20Worth.htm
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Posted over 1 year ago
Ray Kurzweil: A university for the coming singularity
I have been following the university for some years, and would love to give a glance to have some answers. 1) If you see the kind of students attending to the Graduate Program are successful individuals, so paying $10.000 is a demonstration of that, and also you have to consider the costs to keep the university, someone has to pay for it. 2) the IP are kept by the entrepreneurs itself, maybe there is a participation from the University, but the biggest part of the pie is from the creators