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Artist, Model, Musician... Piano Teacher and Digital Piano Enthusiast.
I'm an artist and I need to create, whether its with music, on paper or in music.

Areas of Expertise

Music production, digital pianos, Piano, Orchestral music, Art, Model

I'm passionate about

being free spirited and having no limits to my art.


New York Univeristy

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Milana Martin
Posted about 1 year ago
How does video conferencing impact human interaction? What are the psychological impacts and factors?
I think that like most things, video conferencing has its place. In technical fields, like in video production for example, users are technically advanced, are comfortable with the technology and can implement and use it quickly... it doesn't slow them down, it enhances things... and when we're chatting about work related issues with a team of people we already know, it works well. I don't think video conference is a suitable replacement for face to face in many other circumstances though. You can't replace 'the human element' of seeing a doctor or meeting a new client for the first time or pitching an idea to a team. Sense of relationship suffers in this case. At my company we take video auditions for actors auditioning for roles in a different city and casting directors always say that the taped auditions will receive the same level of consideration as the in person auditions... but what we know is that auditioning in person, you are statistically more likely to get the role.
Milana Martin
Posted about 1 year ago
John Legend: "True Colors"
Just absolutely beautiful! :) TED, you do amazing things, bringing things like John Legend's music to people who may not have been able to experience it like this. Wow!