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I am a creative/catalyst at Idaes, looking at ideas differently. I am also, an artist, architect and designer, but they are different stories! I help Organisations become more innovative by sparking creative thinking! At TED2012 I am ver excited to be a host in the STUDIO social space with the ARTIST tribe! Come visit!

TED Conferences

TED2012, TED2011, TED2010, TED2009, TED2008

Areas of Expertise

Architecture, Design Managment, Painting, Strategic Design, Ideation, Design, Drawing

An idea worth spreading

The Lemon Tree Project is an exploration into the possibilities of a new paradigm of sustainable living, based on the concept of an apartment building for the future. The “clients” for this project are the children of the participants. (and given as one of the new ways of living maybe the going back to the extended family, it may also be the participants future home as well).
The house of the future may not be something futuristic like out of the Jetsons, but may in fact be as simple as a cardboard box.
The lemon tree seeks to explore many aspects of the way we live and the way we consume energy. It is about how we apply our creative energies

I'm passionate about

My children Nicholas and Camille, my wife Kara , creative thinking, Design, personal self-development, being contentment, , cycling, collaboration , creative expression and essence

Talk to me about

collaboration, creative thinking, strategic design, living a creative life. mid-life career change, mini- retirement

People don't know I'm good at

Video editing, taking singing lessons (though after 7 years I wouldn't say that i am good at it), life coaching and goal setting, making things happen

My TED story

2008 at Aspen was my first TED. I found my experience from Aspen lsustained and challenged me for the whole year. I went to TED looking for some sort of epiphany in the form of a bolt of lightning. I came home stunned but not electrified . About halfway through the year I realised that I was having a slow moving epiphany, more like grass growing than lightning strikes. Since then my life has changed. In the last year we have had our second child, I have sold my Architectural practice and almost finished building a new sustainable house for my family. I am Host of TEDxBrisbane to be held at the State Library of Queensland in March 2010. I am currently consulting in Creative Culture and act as a Creative Catalyst in organisations that seek to empower their staff to reach their true creative potential. I also continue my own creative practice of painting and design.

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Paul Fairweather
Posted about 3 years ago
Our idea is to engage the workplace in Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. To teach 350,000 employees how to cook and experience fresh foods.
I like this concept. Jamie's ideas is very much about re-engaging the family in eating together. The fact is that we spend so much of our time at work, often catch a quick unhealthy bite at our desks. What a great idea to think that a whole office might stop and eat together. Not only would it promote and reinforce better eating habits, but I am sure it would foster a better culture in organisations.