Kiralee Derriman

Sydney, Australia

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English, Italian

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Criminology, Social Justice/Human Rights

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I'm most passionate about the area of human rights and social justice. I believe that everyone in the world should be treated equally regardless of their race,age,gender,sex or culture.


Macquarie University

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-human rights, criminology, policing, environment, social justice, outdoor activities

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Kiralee Derriman
Posted 5 months ago
Are things getting better?
I really thought about this question and to an extent I think parts of our live have improved. We can now from the comfort of our home browse thousands of articles, videos and pictures and connect with people from around the world. However through all of this social media we loose the face to face contact with people. How many people have 500+ friends on facebook and yet still feel lonely. Are we really moving forward in the sense that we interact more over the internet than in real life
Kiralee Derriman
Posted 5 months ago
How does gender affect formulation of opinion based on perception?
My peronal opinion on both a and b is someone who cares for you which is different to that of your family and friends. They see your faults and success and still choose to be with you, they love you for who you are. With family they have a sense that you make mistakes but family ties keep you together. males and females vary in a number of different ways. The first are genitals and what they are able to do, men are able to create sperm which penetrate a woman's egg to make a baby. Mos of us can generally tell the gender difference between individuals by there looks, however this can often vary if some girls dress like boys or boys dress like girls. In ancient socities men and woman had very specific gender roles and this was the most obvious way, however times and changing and woman and men are integrated in various fields which makes this harder. If we were to place woman and men in their 'required' roles we would create an unnatural environment where men and woman were restricted. I wouldn't like to be in an environment where I had to follow specific gender customs as sometime I like to act like a boy and sometimes like a girl