Lucille Kyle

Chuncheon, South Korea

About Lucille


Hey, my name is Lucille and I'm 17. I'm from South Korea, currently attending Gangwon Foreign Language Highschool majoring English :) I love to sing, paint, play the piano and swim. I wish to immigrate to US when I grow up, probably to California cuz the weather is awesome there :) My dream is to become a Profiler, Criminal Psychology professional, but it's changing. I wish to catch up with how people around the world are thinking, what's the latest ideas worth spreading and would love to chat about with everyone else! It's nice to know that some thoughts that I've been keeping to myself are actually being debated here, and it would be so cool if I can stand there at the TED podium one day, telling about my ideas.


English, Korean

I'm passionate about

I'm very into learning new cultures and languages. I love meeting people and making friends :) I would like to learn more about psychology and criminology and currently, I'm interested in Education.

Talk to me about

Talk to me about.....Everything! I'm pretty much interested in everything ;) if I really really have to pick a subject, I'd say..............nah I can't. lol

People don't know I'm good at

I'm good at swimming, and painting, but my friends always remember me as someone with great English. I'm also good at making new friends and that's a fact lol

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