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I was looking for something to stimulate my mind and , thank haven I found TED.

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Linda Moss
Posted about 3 years ago
What advice would you give to your grandkids in helping them explore, understand, and love this existence, which we call life?
I will tell them not to be afraid of learning , never judge a person by the words of others and , I will also tell them that there is nothing wrong with wanting to live in a peaceful world , and they have to leave this place better than it is now . the world is just one place , we all come from each other . And try not to do any more harm , than has already been done . And most of all honor your family at all times . Know that it is not so important to have everything , but it is more important to share what you have . Nothing is done on this EARTH that does not cost us , in one way or another . It is also important to never lose your empathy for your fellow man , woman or child .