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Jay Cahill
Posted about 1 year ago
The standardization of shipping container sizes, gives the container continued value. Lets design all packaging that way…
People with some disposable income will pay more for things that they think are good for the environment or society, like Fair Trade coffee or Green Mountain energy or pink packaging for breast cancer. Fewer are prepared to forgo the convenience of a disposable plastic bottle of water for a reusable Nalgene bottle, but that number is growing, due to actual desire to conserve and the glamour of appearing to be a conservationist. But most of reuse of consumer packaging is ideosyncratic and does not benefit from the industry standards yet. What sort of consumer packaging form factors would benefit from standardization? What sort of industry body could set standards for reusable form factors in consumer packaging? Or perhaps just the Whole Foods crowd? I believe some municipalities will start banning the distribution of plastic bags at retail locations. What do you think about that?