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Ikaichi Tuda
Posted over 4 years ago
Nuclear energy is unsafe
First, there has been no meltdown in Japan, at least not until now. Second, people are vastly misinformed on how nuclear energy works. The safety measures at the reactors in Fukushima are way better than those in Chernobyl. I would suggest to you to get a little more information on how dangerous actually the nuclear crisis in Japan is. A lot of people still think that a reactor in this situation could explode like an atomic bomb would. Again, misinformation is a huge damage to our world. On the other hand the nuclear reactor that Bill Gates talks about would be a great advance. It leaves no residues behind and exposes people far less to radioactive material since they don't have to be refueling so often, according to the test every load will last for 60 years. Remember what happened during the bp crisis in the Mexican Gulf? That oil has been more damaging to the ecosystem than the Fukushima or the Three mile Island accidents. And still, I don't see that much people being so afraid of companies continuing with their oil businesses. Hope you can get your hands on more data so you can build a better judgement over this matter. Here is this article which I find very clear and helpful, hope it does the same for you.