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Change starts with understanding yourself. As a human being. If you truly understand what you feel, or think like you can understand other people easier. Aren't we all humans? Don't we all think murder is bad? Deep in our heart? Aren't we in a way quite similar?
So if we do understand ourselves, woudn't we understand each other easier? I believe we will discover that the people around you are different then you actually imagined first. And I believe that compassion and empathy will come with this knowledge about each other.
And then... what would the world look like with more compassion? When we care more about each other? You answer...

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Knowledge, of both historical or scientific facts as the knowledge of human behaviour. So the understanding of the human being.

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Demos Thenes
Posted 6 months ago
What are the problems in this world that need addressing ranking in terms of importance
Lack of empathy, compassion and social knowledge. Think about it, what is the biggest threat for humanity? What or who causes all kinds of threats? Global warming, economic crisis and wars? So what is the biggest threat, or who? Don't you think if people would think about others, feel what others feel, see what others see, don'' t you think this would create a coorporation between different people. Which could possible lead to new ideas, better ideas and much more effective because humanity actually works together? Just think about that, I think this is the only thing, which stands in the way to a better world.