Joanna Noronha

Cambridge, MA, United States

About Joanna


I am originally from Brazil, where I got my first master's degree in law in 2010. My thesis analyzed gender issues within the recently adopted Brazilian public policy to fight domestic violence against women. I then spent one academic year (Sep 2010-Aug2011) at the University of Toronto, as a Graduate Research Assistant working with Law and Development research and legal contributions to institutional reform. I also hold a LL.M. degree from Harvard Law School (2012). I am currently a SJD candidate at the same institution, where my focus is on the interface between law and policy in the anti-discrimination context.


English, Portuguese, Spanish

An idea worth spreading

The universe had no edge.
A flea trainer in Munich once told me that fleas kept in a recipient covered in glass will learn that they can only jump so far and thus will not escape even when the trainer removes the glass to handle them. He also claimed that baby elephants kept in circuses learned that they could not escape the poles to which they were tied, so they never did - even when they were big enough to rip the whole thing from the ground. (Unless they panic, he added, sighing and looking into the horizon)
Limits are opinions.

I'm passionate about

gender and sexuality, queer theory, law and development, anti-discrimination law and policy, soccer, dessert, and lightsabers.


Harvard Law School