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Bucharest, Romania

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exercise no. 1

like: blue, horses, reading, oversleeping, internet, rain, staying in bed when it rains, milk and cocoa, holding my grandma’s hand, pets, traveling
don’t like: fighting, lying, pure meanness, losing when playing society games, mediocrity, not trying harder, not being able to express myself clearly, nervousness
do often: procrastinate, cry, dream
do seldom: eat right, go to sleep before midnight
can’t live without: my sister, 1-2 close friends i have, music
did: radio shows (4 years), japanese courses (from 11 y.o. to 20 y.o., forgot a lot), horseback riding, swimming, tae bo
want to do: keep up with regular sports hours (don’t know how to pull this off), read more, visit the world, be remembered

exercise no. 2

what i would be if i would be:

- a book: south of the border, west of the sun (murakami)
- a song: good riddance, green day
- a pet: cat
- a wild animal: deer
- a color: green
- an instrument: guitar
- a profession: driver
- a time of day: afternoon
- a natural phenomenon: thunder
- a feeling: discontent
- a food: french fries with grated cheese
- a dessert: baked apple with cinnamon
- a leisure activity: napping
- a punctuation mark: interrobang
- a part of the body: eye


English, Japanese, Romanian

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Poscrossing - The postcard crossing project

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people, miracles, small gestures that count

My TED story

Found out about TED from a friend and from the first moment I thought it was a great project. I'm not the one to change the world in big style, but I believe translating TED is a good way to contribute.