Adelino de Santi Júnior

Student, MTech, Universidade de Sao Paulo
Araraquara, Brazil

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Mastering in applied ecology and Graduated in Biology at the University of São Paulo, Brazil (ESALQ-USP), currently I am a biology teacher and researcher working on isotopic ecology, arachnology and biological control.


English, Portuguese, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Biological Sciences, Ecologist, Education Policies, education

An idea worth spreading

"There are poisons that blind you, and poisons that open your eyes."
August Strindberg

I'm passionate about

Life, human-being, Universe

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Talking about one's own personality is as selfish as masturbation.

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Stumbled across after a great friend telling me.

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Adelino de Santi Júnior
Posted about 5 years ago
Michael Specter: The danger of science denial
"One day, science will find the connection between autism and vaccines." And until it happens, you're wrong! " I saw the reaction myself in a child (25 years ago!!)...and just because science says it isn't so..." I saw a vampire on my roof...It does not make it real, we need a documented happening. Not a tale story based on biased opinion. " also don't believe that we should stop giving vaccines because some have bad reactions...but we should be working to figure out how to make them safer. " Have you EVER read about the protocols involved on the development of medicines? No...Take your time and do it before spreading these nonsense ideas around. "Science is a process, and a very imperfect one that should be questioned, especially when our own experience is contrary to the results of ANY scientific study. " Wow wow wow...Statistics! Take a look at the dictionary. Indeed is a quite good tool; for fools, just a bunch of numbers trying to make facts from lies.
Adelino de Santi Júnior
Posted about 5 years ago
James Cameron: Before Avatar ... a curious boy
One of the most amazing things that Mr. Cameron has shown is that we, the common people, don't know our planet, and how fascinating it can be. An exemple, the first contact of the character "Jake" with the Pandora planet takes place in a meeting between the avatar and a sort of tubular/self-contracting verm that hides when touched by Jake. The animal is not fictional, is real! Just to share, it is a close relative of the worms that crawl on the earth of our own gardens. Here is the picture of the real animal that inspired Cameron:
Adelino de Santi Júnior
Posted about 5 years ago
Elizabeth Pisani: Sex, drugs and HIV -- let's get rational
Yeah right...Your point is: Let's get rid of ignorance by avoiding ignorant people. You don't get away of that by promoting these kind of politics. The only thing that help people in life, to grow and promote social justice is education. We are all ignorant until educated. Ignorance is not a disease. It is rather a social condition. A social condition so away from our reality that we insist in a "not supported biased view", judging them as they were as prepared as us. And worse. Considering punishments for people that had nothing but prostitution and drugs in life. I wonder if you would still keep this view if you lived in country where you earn 100X more as a prostitute than a factory worker.