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Richard Korff
Posted over 3 years ago
Should anyone be able to upload their TEDTalk to
No, I don't think uploading it directly to would be good. I think the power of the video's on is that they are curated, and a certain level of quality is expected and delivered. However...... Currently there are a few sources for talks : - TED Conferences - TED Partner conferences - TEDx events - Best of the Web It would not be bad to create another source for talks, which could be user submitted talks. You would need to have a rating system which would use crowdsourcing to rate video's on some of the TED quality guidelines, like self-promotion / selling, duration, and 'coolness' of the idea etc. This could be a really good source for content and ideas. Just like the inclusion of certain TEDx talks, the best of these user-submitted talks, could be reviewed by TED staff and considered to be featured on, or as a good lead for local TEDx events. Richard