About Pierre-Louis


Pierre-Louis Malphettes, Versailles, France - Florence, Italy
started at KPMG audit in Paris in 1994 in the Industry & Services department. He then served as financial director, then business unit director at CPI, European industrial book printer, during its build-up period in the late 1990s.
In 2004, he joined Sodexo as CFO for Central & Eastern Europe of Sodexopass and later Suez as Control & business support Director with the investment committee of Suez Energy Services. He has been since then assisting companies through management resources services, governance advisory, project leadership and project finance programs, first within Eurosearch and since 2010 at Actionalis in France.


English, French, German, Italian

Areas of Expertise

Leadership, Management Development, Corporate Finance, Strategy / Board of director, Talent Acquisition & Management, Innovation - Cross Industry Value, Crisis + Issues Management, Coaching Facilitation Leadership , Parent

An idea worth spreading

If you federate people with ambition, a lot of listening, top town and bottom up strategy... listen, learn and DO. A lot can be done ...not to say quite everything

I'm passionate about

Convinced by the fantastic capacities of team work, talents, change and innovation, I like to make it happen WITH people

Talk to me about

leadership, humility, learn from failure, hope, spirituality

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