Allan Paiste

Tallinn, Estonia

About Allan


I'm earning my peanut butter as a software developer, who has a background in psychology (studied it at university, but had a messy break-up from it before getting the diploma). Poking around in visual arts - mostly drawing - from my free time, but I tend to be all over the pace so I have to run ...


English, Estonian

Areas of Expertise

Gaming industry, Accountancy, Creative thinking, Poetry/Creative Writing, Programming, Datamining, Computer Game Design, User Interface, Movie Producing

An idea worth spreading

Trying new things and self-development is often crushed with a rational "I'm not adept at this", even before actualy giving it a go.

I'm passionate about

Jumping into unknown waters and not dying.

Talk to me about

About technological innovations, social experiments, food!

People don't know I'm good at

translating (or so I believe), keeping secrets, learning new things (fast)

My TED story

Unfortunately I don't even remember how I ended up knowing about this project, but what I do know is that certain lectures have pushed me to look towards new fronties in my life, that were buried under the noise of excessive information that plagues almost everyone of us.

Favorite talks