Randy Schroeder

Media Consultant, Bluewave Communications
San Francisco, CA, United States

About Randy


In 1973, Randy started searching for answers. He studied psychology, religion, did intensive trainings, retreats, and inner workings of self-help classes, literature and therapies. He was also the director a holistic clinic in Southern California - the Solana Center for Total Health. He practiced a variety of teachings and therapies there, including yoga, rebirthing, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, psychic counseling, psychological counseling, dream interpretation, astrology, and hypnosis. He's attended hundreds of lectures, read hundreds of books about health, wellness and self-improvement. The theme is the ongoing search for the truth about life - what works and what does not. The one thing that has stayed with him was meditation, and particularly, one style of meditation – the Q&A style, a book he wrote in 2000. Most meditation is geared toward relaxation and reconnection with the soul, which is extremely valuable, but his Q&A version takes the individual to another level by using that connection to learn, grow and get answers to questions. One of Randy's favorite teachers, Chet Castellaw, said, “The best teachings are those that turn us back to ourselves.” He believes this is true and his book does that very well. When we search outside ourselves, we often come up short and still feel lost.
Randy enjoys sharing what he's learned using several platforms - books, eBooks, podcasts, several blogs and a Web site. He willingly shares what he knows, in hopes of passing along valuable information that can help others. His Web site, A Few Little Words (http://www.AFewLittleWords.com) has more information about him and his work. His books are also available at My Meditation Book (http://MyMeditationBook.com). 



Areas of Expertise

Presentation Technology, blogging and social media, Blogging and Podcasting , Music licensing, spiritual well-being and balance

An idea worth spreading

It's your mind, you can think what you want. This is a very powerful statement, because most people believe we have no choice, and are stuck with our thoughts.

I'm passionate about

Helping people discover new things - ideas, technology and products.

Talk to me about

How our beliefs are the most influential part of our lives.

People don't know I'm good at

Belief clarification to help guide the direction of your life.

My TED story

I grew up in Monterey, where TED started, and always wanted to attend. I love watching talks constantly. It's one of my favorite pastimes.

Comments & conversations

Randy Schroeder
Posted about 2 years ago
I need a TED icebreaker video! How do I get someone hooked?
I would start with the end and ask your audience to imagine the world 50 years into the future, how they will feel if the world kept heading on a destructive course? How will they feel if no one got involved to help make some changes, because everyone assumed someone else was working on the problems? Something along those lines. Engaging the audience with feelings can be very powerful.