Roland Del Mar

Creative Designer & Visualiser, DOING
Cebu City, 6000, Philippines

About Roland


A Guy was born in a country where beautiful colors of life surrounds every city, from slumps to the upper class of society, the Philippines. Who learned to jump boundaries of creativity? A graphic designer and an avid street photographer, who love's to appreciate cultures in a perspective where people ignores its important's for societies future creations.



Areas of Expertise

Street Photography, Graphic & Design, Creative Design

An idea worth spreading

The Idea that is worth spreading, Is the Idea to know one's self, knowing one's self is knowing the world your standing, and by knowing the world your standing is knowing the content on it, the structures of cultures, behaviors and most importantly the people that pushes forward the world that seems have no limits and boundaries. And that Idea is LIFE.

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about applying my knowledge and skills through cultures of our society today, physically. mentally and spiritually.

Talk to me about

Anything, because everything has its own amazing stories.

People don't know I'm good at

Reasoning :)

My TED story

Ongoing :)

Comments & conversations

Roland Del Mar
Posted 6 months ago
Is the food we eat killing us?
I think today, food now are more slightly safe, because bunch of government departments provide a must examination before the consumer's can buy it. I think the answer of your question is another question to ask, "Do we eat a lot ?"
Roland Del Mar
Posted 6 months ago
101 improvements to the world...inspired by TED.
TED TED + Internet(Accessible) = ME:) + Shared( At Cafe, Schools, Offices and etc = More Me + Inspired = Spark Of Passion + Collaborate ( Auto Add Trials ) = Innovations + Maturity = Boost of Passion + Brainstorm = Social Innovations(Sustainability Included If needed) = Visionary TED really change the world piece by piece :)
Roland Del Mar
Posted 6 months ago
Are private universities worth the money for a bachelor's degree?
In this fast moving world, Universities can't even keep up in technology, or the most important the psychological mindset of teens now, As a college student I can say that teenagers now are more mature and business mindset, entrepreneurs are getting more younger and wiser, and when you asked them how they become the persona they are now, 85% of all the responded answers are experience and Internet with hard work, they don't even talk about their colleges they attended. My point private or public doesn't really matter at all, Its your maturity to pursue your goal, graduate or undergrad, In life theirs no shortcut and all goes to the same obstacles. and how to stand out to the crowd. your knowledge and skills should be put in mind and heart, not on a fancy glittered good smelling paper.