About Thuthukani


I am a proactive young man and I do not let my age limit me. Knowledge is power, only if you use it, and this is what I believe and live by. I hate people who complain, because complaining is the most useless act n the world (It's basically a waste of time) . I love entrepreneurship and I.T . I've also released a hip-hop album and published an anthology. My favorite quote is "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss other people"



Areas of Expertise

Tech, Poetry (Spoken and Written), Graphic Design, Entrepreneurship , Economics , marketing , Art and Design, DJ-ing, rapping, Blogging

An idea worth spreading

It's difficult to reduce unemployment, while the population of Africa increases, and yet the Education system continuously teaches the youth and motivates them on get jobs, instead of teaching them how to create jobs. This continuous cycle leaves economies dependent on their governments to create jobs. I believe the youth should not only be taught on how to get a job, but they should also be taught how to create jobs (Through entrepreneurship) .

I'm passionate about

my time, my family, my God, and my financial success

Talk to me about

Hip hop, rapping, poetry, entrepreneurship, latest I.T , joining NGOs, TEDxUFS

People don't know I'm good at

Public speaking ,

My TED story

Ted talks/shows always inspire me . Some shows don't only inform me about what's new, but they provide paradigm shifts. It's amazing what other people are doing around the planet.

Favorite talks

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