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Devang Gohil
Posted 6 months ago
Why isn't there more direct communication between citizens and our elected officials?
because they have only two goals in life that 1) elected and another is 2)make a money on any way like make scandal,corruption or any thing else.... if we choose true leader so he have always give us responds and directly meet us for example in some year ago i my country one story was published in news paper that one day one common man wrote letter to president of India (Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam) and mentioned that he faced problem to attend higher education and sent on president's address. After two weeks he received a envelop and find out a cheque of rs.15000 and one letter " Thank you for mentioning your problem and say sorry for i can't meet with you for busy schedule" this is called true leader..... This is the reason we have to choose true leader whom have time for us and who take care of us.............