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carlos rubio
Posted over 1 year ago
Why isn't there more direct communication between citizens and our elected officials?
this question is quite a peculiar one. Every day people just assume that there is an logical explanation that they, as they might not be highly educated, don`t have the ability to grasp. Truth be told, with the technology level we have we are able of communicating fast and efficiently. A cloud of "processes" and official authorities approval between the supplier and the consumer will always be in the supplier`s interest. This could work for few ideas from wide groups of people, but then again, this only creates issues between the groups to prove who has the loudest voice. This type of system is far from able to connect all of the ideas of every individual to a minority authorized to make decisions based on the "general public opinion". Private companies will listen more to the individual than a state-owned company, from here we can deduce than private states, more based on the individuals of a small area would be more efficient than a "head authority" and would be able to support the people from the perspective of their environment (by the environment i mean our current environment: advanced technology, high production...etc.). To sum it up, whats between us and the official authorities is a best-buyers market. Publicity has become a Market-like system where is you want to be heard you must compete and earn it.