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Jason Ou
Posted 11 days ago
Fred Jansen: How to land on a comet
It's pretty stunning to me when I watched the video! I've always been curious about things in the entire universe, and this video is very informative. It is shocking when I realized the comet is 500 million kilometers away. I do appreciate your sharing with us! I learned so much about how the project Rosetta works, how to use flybys to gain velocity and the way to map the comet etc. It's amazing! Please keep us updated about the lander!
Jason Ou
Posted over 1 year ago
Could stronger employee engagement mean that managers don't have to lay off employees?
Hi! Personally I think the topic is pretty intriguing,so here I wanna share some of my thoughts. First,as for the title, if stronger employee engagement is like Transformational Engagement which can contribute to the company,then I think manager will not be so cruel to lay off employees; Second,if we just talk about active engagement,well,managers care more about the OUTCOME than your degree of engagement. If a project turns out failure at last, some of the employees may still get fired no matter how actively they have engaged in working on the project.Therefore,I think knowledge management plays an important role in this process. Employees can get their work done in a better way through the process of knowledge management,which of course requires their active engagement in their work as well. Finally, to put it in perspective, I think the understanding of both requirements you mentioned above is based on the mutual trust and understanding of managers and their employees.Without mutual trust, employees will not have motivations to achieve more for the organization while managers will never ever know what employees are thinking about and In other words, managers can not expect to turn the transactional into the transformational.