Lidia Cámara de la Fuente

University of Cologne
Cologne, Germany

About Lidia


Applied Linguistics Researcher & Associate Professor at the University of Cologne.
Cross-cultural connector with a dynamic character and good communication skills. Easily adapt to new local and international environments. I identify, investigate, and offer solutions to language problems. I hold a PhD in computational linguistics and I do research in the field of (in)formal learning of second and foreign language(s) through social media in multilingual and multicultural web communities.
My teaching and research experience at the university are clinical linguistics, audiovisual translation, language immersion, augmentative & alternative communication, machine translation, online learning communities.

TED Conferences

TEDGlobal 2012, TEDGlobal 2011

Areas of Expertise

Social Media & Social Networks, Corpus Linguistics, Terminology Management, clinical linguistics, Foreign Language Didactics, Virtual worlds - Serious Games, CALL & CAT, Audiovisual & Scientific Translation, Multilingualism & Diversity, Open Education Culture & Open Educational Resources

An idea worth spreading

TED has the astonishing humanizing force to share knowledge in its entire variety of possibilities. This diversity is shown by people transmitting thoughts, ideas and perspectives about the world from a range of disciplines and backgrounds. This amazing humanizing power is also shown by the effort which volunteers from all over the world devote to transcribing, translating and reviewing published talks in the Open Translation Project. By subtitling in a huge amount of languages, the TED Translators contribute to the democratization of knowledge and validate Jonathan Zittrain's statement: The web understood as random acts of kindness.

I'm passionate about

-Science & technology applied for providing access to knowledge & education to vulnerable social groups (children, women, impaired people).
-Spreading my culture through cultural "Tapas"

Talk to me about

-Multilingualism & Bilingualism
-Brain & Cognitive Sciences
-Inclusive Education & Education for all
-(In)formal learning & the Web 2.0
-Augmentative & alternative communication

My TED story

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Comments & conversations

Lidia Cámara de la Fuente
Posted about 1 year ago
Andrew Solomon: Love, no matter what
Dear Andrew Solomon, from the mother perspective (I have 3 kids) and from my professor perspective, I want to thank you so much for your talk. I started last week a course to "Immersion Education & Diversity" and I shared your talk with my students... Many of them will be multipliers of your message as I also will. Diversity can be sooooooooo manifold..., and love is just unique in its uncountable, inscrutable, interminable dimension. Your talk contributes for sure to the Empathy Revolution (
Lidia Cámara de la Fuente
Posted almost 4 years ago
Start an independent subtitling translation best practice sharing platform for TEDxTalks
Don’t you think, it could be worth starting a campaign of the benefits of being English transcriber and translator bei TED?. As for the Spanish language, because it is one of the most extended language worldwide, there are more than 900 volunteers who have less work they’d wish. They could assume the transcription of talks. We could organize this work adding the possibility of searching Talks by “Available for transcription” close to “Available for translation” or “Available for reviewing”. I can imagine that it could be possible for example, through TED-ED, encouraging English teachers all over the world to transcription task as part of possible teaching content. That could be a possibility, but also but also, I can imagine that we could find good people with cultural and linguistic background, if we just ask in the TED community using the conversations facility. And of course, we have to find an agile way to test on line the skills required for being not only TED transcriber, but also TED translator.
Lidia Cámara de la Fuente
Posted almost 4 years ago
Start an independent subtitling translation best practice sharing platform for TEDxTalks
I agree with you Krystian. The popularity of TED & Co. is growing very fast, also is growing the diversity of language used by speakers in TEDx. Subtitling all this stuff is the proof of the awareness of language diversity in a global community with their own specificities. I think language coordinators or language leads (whatever term you may prefer) should also coordinate this part. If the technical implementation for OTP will be a centralized translation interface for TED and TEDx, as Jenny pointed out, that is the moment of supporting the conceptual part which involves not only what you already had proposed , also information architecture / organization, promoting the use of local languages in TEDx, and so on. In this sense, do you think necessary to ask volunteers to work on English transcripts for TEDx talks I am sure, that many people would be happy of being volunteers of TED community, that means, people who love to transcribe a talk in an original language, and also translators who love to translate that talk into their own language, not necessary into English first. -The language pairs can be numerous.