Operations Manager, Service IT Solutions
Porto Alegre, Brazil



English, Portuguese

Areas of Expertise

IT Support, It Implementation, IT Leadership

An idea worth spreading

We should use technology in its various forms as a mean to improve the quality of our everyday life.

I'm passionate about

My family, teaching.

Talk to me about

Tecnology and how it can improve our way of life. Green TI. Sustentability and recicling. Pets, children, cars, movies, photography, travelling experiences, continuous education, mobility.

People don't know I'm good at


My TED story

I first heard of TED through a Nokia link. Curious as I usually am, I decided to visit the site and was immediately "addicted" to it. After watching a few very interesting videos I decided to take a more active part and registered as a translator. I currently follow new releases by RSS feed and try to translate at least one talk every month on my rare spare time.

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Posted over 5 years ago
Eric Topol: The wireless future of medicine
Very impressive the way technology evolves and offers ways to improve the quality of our lives. However, none of this will help if people keep treating their bodies the way the do. It's time to get back to basics: healthy food, exercice (physical and mental) and a less stressful routine.