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Zeljko Babic
Posted over 3 years ago
Aaron Huey: America's native prisoners of war
What happened to Lakota people has to be considered as a problem of indigenous peoples worldwide. But I would say that the problem is even more general, and that it has to do with the stance that modern societies take towards minorities (Romani people in Europe come to my mind as a fine example). The solution is imaginable - even obvious, but it requires the global mindshift. And as much as I wish for it, I fear such a change is not possible in our lifetime. Nevertheless, this change won't come by itself. The "enlightened ones" have to work on it whenever they get a chance. I see a glimpse of a chance (that it could happen in our lifetime after all) in the viral nature of some social phenomena actuated by modern technology. Immediate help is urgent, but besides the fact that it is often inadequate, it is equally often mistaken (self-contentedly or purposely) with an ultimate effort on the part of the society. This is why the focus has to be on the mindshift - on both sides.