Julio Alberto Cartaya

Eatontown, NJ, United States

About Julio Alberto


Born in Cuba - 1950. Naturalized US citizen.

Havana University: Physics - 1972
Havana University: Mathematics - 1978.

In Cuba: worked in metrology (mechanical quantities), and teaching (physics, metrology, statistics, linear algebra)

Emigrated to the US (1984) and worked in software applications associated to the telecommunications industry for many years.

Lived in Barcelona, Spain from 2004 to 2010.



Areas of Expertise

Physics & Engineering, Mathematical modeling

I'm passionate about

science, art, and people


Havana University

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Julio Alberto Cartaya
Posted almost 6 years ago
Larry Brilliant: The case for optimism
My wife volunteered to translate this talk into Spanish months ago, only to find silence after submitting the translated text. To this date she has not received a comment, a correction, or even a rejection message. Sadly, when we allow enthusiastic energy to be lost, we score one for pessimism.