Julia Fernandez

New York, NY, United States

About Julia


I see and feel the world thru my nose. I shape the forms of imagination thinking of its sensorial experience and every take in oxygen is a new inspiration. I particularly enjoy contrasts... it's because of contrasts that there are no absolutes... and that is graceful.
Sometimes I call myself professional sniffer.. but it sounds better to say that I design sensorial branding since 1998. And oh...I'm still so in love with it. It's an everyday synesthesic exercise of smelling the sound, tasting the words and listening to the fragrances. Human emotions are curious and fantastic, but what really fascinates me are the sensations - they are the primitive perception, where the senses are truly touched. Before working with the senses, I've worked in automobile Design & Engineering. My dream was to be a designer at Pinifarina, but quickly changed the auto grease and components to molecules and dreams. I was born in Brazil, my parents came from Uruguay, and great parents from France, Germany and Spain. This nomadic mixture gave me a perception that world is a tiny little community full of stories to participate and collaborate... so that's why I'm here.

Areas of Expertise

Fragrances, Modern Art History, Design, Luxury Branding, Perfumery

An idea worth spreading

Develop a sensorial approach to psycho-oncology, exploring the mind-body connection thru fragrances, flavors, touches and breathing. Study a sensorial eutony, since the body is also the mind. A RE-cognition of the body and perception of the internal space thru the senses. I would love to develop it with children with cancer.

I'm passionate about

Contradictions, cross pollination of ideas, fragrances, music, Modern and contemporary art, creativity, swimming, running, yoga.

Talk to me about

Fragrances, perfumes, design, art, music and world food.

People don't know I'm good at

my risottos are unbeattable !

My TED story

TED has been a great source of ideas, and has been providing insightful talks in every edition. I particularly love the idea and development of TEDx, to reach more audiences and build on new stories. Also, would be interesting to link the most interesting/humanitarian ideas not only to non-governamental organizations, but also to private iniciatives.

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