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Malibu, CA, United States

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Trained in accounting, economics, animal husbandry and automotive/diesel maintenance and worked as a budget analyst, Special Agent for the IRS, consultant to Mexican interests, farming, law enforcement, exporting.

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We must eliminate our ineffective and dysfunctional immigrant income taxes so that we can restructure them to support our current need. Modern technologies have made it possible for every undocumented immigrant's employer to pay a tax, similar to a 5-10% collective tip.

The $100 billion in new revenue it would create 50,000 new jobs and help fund medical clinics, schools, training for veterans and high school drop outs, prisons, border security and 22 other line items on page 9 of our report.

I'm passionate about

To provide a source of revenue, other than American taxpayers, to help integrate our undocumented immigrants into society where they can prosper and have a sense of self worth.


UCLA, CA State Poly Pomona

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Mark Jason
Posted about 1 year ago
To reform immigration by updating our broken immigrant taxes to meet 21st century conditions and technology.
Raj, Thanks for posing the question. The model that we designed is to legalize undocumented immigrants by having employers pay a small amount of money to fund immigration reform. With the $100 billion from this revenue we can employ 50,000 Americans to build and staff medical clinics, schools, community centers, prisons etc. We are at a time in history where with robots and technology we are losing more jobs than creating. What's the answer you say, who knows? The one thing that I do know is that we need to educate our children more agressively, maybe they will come up with better ideas than us, for sure, they will have more incentive.
Mark Jason
Posted over 1 year ago
Do we need to reform our immigrant taxes before we attempt to reform immigration?
We need to reform our immigrant taxes first before we discuss reforming immigration. There is only one way to do this effectively is to require employers pay taxes for some of the public services of their undocumented immigrants such as medical care and educational expenses. We (former IRS Agents and Budget Analysts) have developed an enforceable Fiscal and Social Model for Immigration Reform that will be a means to integrate our immigrants into our society. In our plan, employers are given an opportunity to sponsor their help by paying a small tax. Because of the amount of undocumented immigrants the new revenue would be over $100 Billion. On page 9 and 10 of the report we lay out our Vision. (click on read report, note Q&A's)