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Dr. Awab Alvi is a dentist by profession, with a specialty in Orthodontics [Braces] from Saint Louis University and training in Microscopic Endodontic [Root Canal] from the University of Pennsylvania. Has been practicing in Karachi, Pakistan as a full time dentist and orthodontist at the Alvi Dental Hospital.

As a part time hobby he runs and manages the Teeth Maestro blog http://teeth.com.pk/blog since 2004, has transformed to playing a very active role in the civil society movement for a better political change in Pakistan.

He now has a weekly column in The Express Tribune, the Pakistani version of the International Herald Tribune


English, Urdu

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TEDGlobal 2012, TED2012, TEDGlobal 2011, TED2011, TEDIndia 2009

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Orthodontics, ENDODONTIST, dentistry, Blogging, blogging and social media, Blogging and Podcasting , Twitter, Pakistan, Human Rights Activist, Freedom of Information

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Passionately feel the need to educate the people of the world on good dental health as that is the only way to a disease free oral cavity. Without proper education people will forever struggle to have expensive treatment, it might be better to solve this issue at teh core and take care of over 80% of dental problems for good

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Pakistan, Dentistry and Technology

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Dentistry, Blogging, Technology, and Pakistan

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Awab Alvi
Posted over 3 years ago
How will you take part in JR's TED Prize wish?
I have been considering two options 1- Some collaborative effort between TEDsters in Pakistan and India using the power of imagery as a suggestion to peace in the region, maybe the pictures of eyes sprayed across the border, the most accessible border crossing being the Wagah border can be used to make a statement of peace in the region, this needs a collaborative effort between the two nations and will also send a strong message as well 2- Another suggestion would be to launch a massive effort in Pakistan using the pictures [eyes] of victims of terrorism [bomb blasts and other heinous attacks on peace loving people] and using their images to plaster them across Pakistan as if to suggest that these people are looking back at you. Both ideas are workable solutions, and a few friends are already working with the hope of starting this effort on a wider scale, possibly hope to orchestrate this during an upcoming TEDx event in Karachi or likewise