François Moraud

CEO , Mobilibook
Bordeaux, France

About François


Animated by the idea of sharing : ideas, moments, joy, smiles, tenderness, I spend 10 years in ecommerce, and made a big move. I own and manage since end of 2013 a bimedia digital and print Publishing house. My first ebook is bilingual French and Japanese, with music. For me digital world is the way to meet other people and culture and to discover and make alive again very ancient and nearly forgotten values such as solidarity, fraternity, empathy.
No matter where you live or who you are there is always ways to build a better world, together.
I'm a member of professional association Aquinum (digital professionals) which animates a coworking place in Bordeaux, named The Node.
I created there "Cafe philonumeriques" which could be translated by "Philodigital cafe" : conferences to spread ideas ;) with a speaker, on digital oriented topic. Also creatd a cineclub to rediscover ancient movies or discover new directors.
I'm involved also in a charity association to make links between geeks and the charity world to build non-profit projects.
I'm creating also a Kyudo (traditional japanese archery) dojo in Bordeaux which will be the first in the country of Aquitaine. After US culture I deeply love Asian culture in general and Japanese in particuliar.


English, French

Areas of Expertise

Publishing, digital economy, Project Management, Purchasing Specialist, Negociating , Customer and Client Relations/Service , Management - Business, Selling and Negotiating, ebook publishing, book and magazine publishing

An idea worth spreading

The possibility of human mind is underestimated. Meditation, martial arts, but also yoga, or even walk can strenghten our mind and improve our health, the way we consider ourselves, the way we interact with each others.
If you consider several cultures all over the world, meditation is always linked to breath, breathing. I think we just need to learn to better breath. This could be seen as a bit simple, but I made 15 years of martial arts, a lot of choral music (with concerts), zen meditation, even professional talks. If you forget your breath, and usually you do, then somehow you may forget yourself and certainly not well move, sing, meditate, talk.
Simply and better breathe ! And again, way to better breath are in all cultures: sport, sing, meditation. This is a simple idea but I'm sure with great benefits.

I'm passionate about

To exchange and share ideas, create new projects. Meet. We all can with will and idea change the world. Our era could be a new renaissance with digital and positive attitude, let's do it all together!


Ecole Nationale Sup

Talk to me about

Solidarity, education, resiliency, children, healthy food, Moocs, flipped classrooms, ethics in business and everyday life, ethology, ecology, pollution free transportation, digital, happiness, ocean.

People don't know I'm good at

I can extremely quickly recognize songs !

My TED story

I saw several TED Talks online and went to all Bordeaux editions : 2011, 2012 and 2013. Since 2012 I am quite close to several participants and organizers which lead me to propose to be co-licensee for 2014 edition.
My 3 favorite talks are : Hans Rosling "Global population growth, box by box" TED Cannes 2010, Anjuli Pandit "oser traverser les frontières" TEDx Paris 2012, and Laurent Alexandre "Le recul de la mort" TEDx Paris 2012.