Bin Xu

Associate Professor, Translation, Foreign Language School
Jinan, China

About Bin


Xu Bin works in the School of Foreign Languages at Shandong Normal University. He graduated with a B.A. from the same university in 1994, and received an M.A. in 2004 from Shandong University. His research field is translation study and computer aided translation. He started researching and using CAT tools in 1998. The major titles that he has translated include At Home in the Universe 《宇宙为家》, Science and Religion《科学与宗教》, Linked--The New Science of Networks《链接——网络新科学》, Einstein's Cosmos《爱因斯坦的宇宙》, Drawing Act《素描精义》, Security Analysis (6th edition)《证券分析》, The Artful Universe (Extended)《艺术宇宙》, Universe--A Biography《宇宙小传》, etc. He has also published several books such as The Research Paper: A Guide to Computer-Aided Research《计算机辅助研究论文写作指南》, and CAT--A New Horizon for Translating Research and Practice《翻译新视野——计算机辅助翻译研究》, etc.


Chinese, English, German

Areas of Expertise

Technology in Education, Technology Implementer, translation, interpreting (English chinese)

I'm passionate about

Innovation; computer and information gadgets; Mac; iPad

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science, computer tech, arts and humanity

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