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Chennai, India

About Benedict


I completed my Post Graduation from MCC in 1982 and did my Management and got into Media - Ananda Bazar Patrika. After 6 years I moved into the leading publication group - The Times of India. Another six years I decided to be on my own. I started a consultancy group and was involved with the communication development for Apollo Hospitals Group apart from other businesses. Then I worked with some mainstream advertising agencies - PSL Erickson and Fortune communications. The high point of my career was when i developed an communication idea for a leading telecom player that went on to be recognized by the Cannes Jury for a Bronze Lion. Then i moved into teaching children with Learning Difficulties, and since 2009 have been active in the social media.

Areas of Expertise

Educatio- Reading and Literacy, social media

An idea worth spreading

Getting people to take up challenges and getting them to read.

I'm passionate about

Social Media I Music I Neuroscience in Education and Training I Entrepreneurship

Talk to me about

Wish I knew me. I find myself occupying the zone of creative tension.The idea of harpooning whales excites me no end but the commitment to preserve nature tugs my heart like crazy.

People don't know I'm good at

Training and Teaching

My TED story

I was ploughing the rough seas fearless. I thought I was alone. When TED happened to me. My life changed. The videos of Benjamin Zander and Jehane Noujaim stunned me. Honestly I would not want to slayed anymore by listening to more of TED talks. Yet I find myself being drawn towards it.

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Comments & conversations

Benedict Gnaniah
Posted almost 2 years ago
How we can fight the corruption in developing nations?
Corruption is an economic inefficiency. Capitalism and Corruption are handmaidens. Corruption is hence a voice that demands refinement of the legal and democratic system. Only if the society consolidates itself an subverts the existing process can Corruption and other such evils can be brought down.
Benedict Gnaniah
Posted over 2 years ago
How do you think corruption in India can be solved?
Corruption why single out a country? Corruption of money is the one that gets people to get worked up about, this is more so because of relative deprivation. Yes we need to be worried about bribes and money based corruption for it directly leads to accumulation of power since power and money go hand in hand. The desire for power is what we need to fear. But as a nation that is religious by nature, one would see people donating loads of jewellery and cash to temples.. I guess if corruption needs to be curtailed in India it has to be done through the religion route. We need to add up a new caste.... and put the corrupted people in that category and destine them to perdition or rebirth as a despicable worm or roach