Martin Sjøgård

Trondheim, Norway

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English, Norwegian

Areas of Expertise

Literary Theory, Literature, Exercise Physiology/Biomechanics

An idea worth spreading

A parsimonious and rational approach to decision-making and personal reflection will, if applied to an objective and neutral collection of data, yield the most truthful answers.

If you read this and thought "of course, whats your point?", I urge you to take a minute to think about the roles we grant the likes of religion, unproven alternative remedies and other superstitious beliefs today without enough people properly challenging them.

When a leader allows himself to uphold an irrational approach to data interpretation, how can we trust him to arrive at the right conclusions? In several countries, admitting a fundamentally rational approach will even ensure your not being elected into office.

In a society where the flow and availability of information increases by the minute, we cannot afford to ignore this fundamental flaw.

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Language, memetics, literature, exercise physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics