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Mike Van Milligen
Posted over 1 year ago
How can I get more people interested in important issues?
As a local government profesional I struggle with your question quite frequently. I would encourage you to consider two things. First, most communities have a comprehensive plan. It is updated every few years. It creates a forum for people to identify important issues and talk about local action to creat a positve impact. Talk to your planning department. Second, community foundations have programs and field of interest funds around important issues. Call your local community foundation. Not many people would expect Dubuque, Iowa to be an international leader around the principles of sustainability, but it is. Why? An engaged citizenry that has communcated with the political leaders making it the #1 priority. Dubuque has been named an All-America city 3 times in the last 6 years by the National Civic League. This is the academy award of community engagement. Check out www.sustainabledubuque.org, www.dbqfoundation.org and www.cityofdubuque.org. Then consider getting involved in your local government.